Be mindful

Ensure to confirm that your vehicle is locked when you park in a space that is booked through Spotcha.

Protect your belongings

Ensure to remove any valuables that you may have in your vehicle before leaving it parked through a space booked through Spotcha.

Stick to your agreed time

Ensure to collect your vehicle at the agreed time that you have set with your host. Please also be aware that the space could be booked straight after your booking. Spotcha will not be held liable for those who do not show up to their bookings or when you are past your set pick up time or late to your set booking.

Ensure your vehicle fits

Each parking space that is listed with Spotcha requires its exact measurements to ensure that your vehicle will fit. Spotcha strongly encourages that you do not take the risk in trying to fit your vehicle in a space that might be to small. Please find an alternative space with the measurements that suits your vehicle size to avoid any inconvenience.